My WWP906 entry
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This panorama is my entry for the WWP 906 event. The event is themed around "transportation".
This is the accompanying text for the panorama:

Transportation of the soul

Mankind is really dependant on transportation.
The reason for that is that our species is at it's best when it is communicating.

What communication has to do with transportation? I can hear you asking yourself that very question. Well, to communicate you will need transportation. You can either transport your body, your mind or your soul.

To transport your body you have a wealth of choices, you can do it by walking, by driving, flying or even by floating.

To transport your mind, you can make a phone call, write someone, use a blog or even write a book.

But to transport your soul, there is just one true way and that is through facial expressions.
Transporting your soul is the most important form of transportation in my opinion.

My lovely model and girlfriend expresses nine emotions here. When trying to make a list of emotions to use, it seemed we could go on forever. I wouldn't be surprised if a human eye can discern hundreds of emotions from facial expressions. Some expressions not shown in the panorama are nervosity (before the shoot) and relief (after the shoot)