The coastal border of Westkapelle

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The coastline you are viewing is a dike around the village of Westkapelle.
During World War II, The dike was part of the Atlantikwall.
The Atlantikwall was the german defence border against the allies, it stretched from
Norway to Spain. The Germans had built all sorts of bunkers and anti-aircraft artillery on the dike.
Therefore the Royal Air Force bombarded the dike in 1944, leaving a hole 30 meters across in it.
This caused a flood all over the peninsula of Walcheren. In the panorama you can clearly sea that
the village was built below sea level.

A few months after the first bombardment, two more followed and the allies forces landed in Westkapelle
through the hole in the dike. It took 8 days of fighting to liberate Walcheren. The only allied tank (look down)
was the only one that reached the streets of Westkapelle. It still stands on the dike as a monument (and kids love climbing it).
Nowadays the dike is crowded with Germans during the summer. They're tourists and welcomed in.
War is remembered, but hatred has been left in the past.