Wrinkle in time

My wwp108 entry

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This panorama is my entry for the WWP Wrinkle in time event 

 A touch of Magic 

24 hours away from the 2007 december solstice I still didn't come up with a subject. I wanted something contemporary, something that could only be found during this years solstice. I then stepped out of my bed and opened the bedroom curtains. And there it was, the fierce force of the wrinkle had opened a hole in the space-time continuum and caused a local burst of coldness and fog. There was so much moist in the air that the fog turned to tiny snowflakes that attached to every square mm of every object in sight. A touch of magic!

My only worry was that the magic would be dissolved by the time the wrinkle shooting period would be upon me. But I lucked out, I got a chance to shoot it the next morning. Five hours later hardly any white could be spotted in this scene. Even during it's lowest rise of the year, melting a country filled with ice and snow was no challenge for the sun.