Boating on the Vorderer Gosausee

While trying to keep me, my girlfriend an a couple of thousand euro worth of equipment dry.

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When traveling westwards from Hallststatt, you will pass the village of Gosau. If you follow the signs to the Gosau Hintertall, the road will end at the popular Gosau lakes. Embedded between some majestic mountains lie 2 small lakes. The Vorderer and the Hinterer Gosau lakes.

The lakes have an easy footpath around them. To walk around the Hinterer lake, you will have to do a 200 meters acsend/descend, though.

We chose to take a boat trip on the Vorderer lake. For a small sum you can rent an electric boat. Just flick on the switch, lie back and enjoy the scenery...

Well in theory that is. I had gotten the stupid idea into my head that I had do make a panorama inside the boat. That means standing up, turning around and keep telling my girlfriend that I knew what I was doing. Not that she bought that from a guy with a sweaty forehead and looking scared that almost tipped over the boat at least a dozen times..

But in the end I succeeded. The stitching of this panorama was horrible, to say the least. But the whole event still was a lot of fun.

 Looking towards the Hinterer lake
A close up of the glacier