Victoria Marine Harbour

Victoria Marine Harbour
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We spent our last two nights in the vicinity of Victoria. Victoria is a peaceful and nice city. It has a strong british atmosphere. We took a whale watch ride from the spot this panorama was taken on. It's a bit pricy ($75 pp), but well worth the money. We took a 3 hour trip and got some impressing sights. Breaching transient orcas and massive resident orcas in misty surroundings. Definitely one of the highlights of our trip!

The orcas are located and "chased" by zodiacs. A zodiac is a rubber boat with 450 bhp of engine power. The boats need this much, because the orcas travel at a speed of about 50 kmph. That speed also explains the thick orange suits the people on the shore are wearing. You would almost freeze if you didn't wear one.

Here's a photo I shot during the trip

Breaching Transient Orca