Serra do Cume Viewpoint

erra do Cume viewpoint overlooking Praia da Vitoria

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This panorama shows a good example of the weather on the Azores. Almost always sunny at the coast line, but then again, very cloudy on the higher lands. It's not uncommon to drive from a sunny summer country to a dense thick fog in just a few minutes.

The Serre do Cume viewpoint islocated on a big mountain ridge. You can overlook the north and east side of Terceira simultaneously from the top.
The panorama shows the north side. The town located around the bay is Praia da Vitória.

Yep, that's one road. It just
plunges inbetween

You are never more than 10
meters away from a black
stacked wall on Terceira

The islands capital Angra
do Heroismo is declared
Unesco World Heritage