Miradouro do raminho

Viewpoint over the Atlantic Ocean

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The Azores are essentially vulcanos sticking out of the ocean. The vulcanic rock is light and brittle. The rock erodes fast under the pressure of the waves. All that caused the cliffs to be quite steep and high. Therefore theres an enormous amount of panoramic lookout points over the ocean on the islands. They're marked "Miradouro" in native Portugese. The first few days you can't help but stop at every miradouro sign, but after having seen literally dozens of them, you'll have to bypass some to make some progress traveling around the islands.

This particular miradouro was one of the first I stopped at. And it's one of great beauty. The cliffs go down completely vertical for 100 meters just in front of the spot the panorama was taken. It's a dazzling experience to stand there and look over the ocean..

You have to get close to appreciate the view Even my girlfriend agreed to that Mesmerizing colors down below

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