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Wind mill "De Koe"
My wwp907 entry
WWP transportation entry
Sunset over the North Sea
WWP best of 2006
Boulevard Flushing
Waterfront in Vlissingen, Holland
Plompe Toren
View over the Oosterschelde
Dance Parade Middelburg 2007
The 6th annual Dance Parade in Middelburg
Atmosphere, a thing of the past?
My wwp307 entry
The coastal border of Westkapelle
My wwp306 entry
A touch of Magic
WWP Wrinkle in time entry
Newpo 2008
The Delta New Potential team of 2008
Een zaak van de familie
Toneelgroep Pauze evalueert de generale repetitie
Castle Terworm
Living room
Castle Terworm
Castle Terworm
Ellex wedding
In the ancient town hall of Middelburg
Ermine Moth plague
In 2010 several trees in Middelburg were covered in caterpillar webs
Castle Mesen
From castle to ruins in 30 years
Our Wedding
Ceremony in the ancient town hall of Middelburg