Krimmler Wasserfälle

The highest waterfalls in Europe
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The Krimml falls in Austrians national park "Hohe Tauern" are the highest waterfalls in Europe.
They drop 380 meter in three stages, transporting an average of 6 cubic meters per second. The highest measured throughput was 57 cubic meters per second.

The bottom part drops its water in a bowl shaped pond, creating a constant rain in a large radius around it. Taking a shower in it is very refreshing. Along with the thundering sounds from the water it's a great experience.

There's a good but very steep path to the top of the falls. It is a tiresome climb with an altitude difference of 400 meters, but it's worth it. Along the trail there are many viewpoints that give you a good view of the falls. The panorama over the valley and the village of Krimml is also very nice.

The admission fee is 1,80 euro, which is surprisingly low for an Austrian attraction.

Enjoying the rain
The upper fall has a pretty hefty vortex
finally! We reached the top
And afterwards it's dinner with a show