Sedlec Ossuary

Dem dry bones
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"Toe bone connected to the foot bone!". These are well known lyrics, even outside English speaking nations.
The lyrics are oh so true, but not in this place!

What you are seeing in the panorama is the Sedlec ossuary of Kutná Hora in the Czech republic. It's located some 50 kilometers east of Prague.
Back in the 13th century, a bit of earth brought back from the Holy Land was sprinkled over the cemetery by the abbot of the Sedlec monastery. That made this cemetery the place to be for fashionable and devoted deceased from all over central Europe.

As a result, the bones kept stacking up for ages until in 1870 a woodcarver was given the job to put the pile of bones in order. The result is refreshing, to say the least. The panorama was taken directly underneath a chandelier that is constructed using every type of bone a human possesses.

It is estimated that the remains of 40,000 to 70,000 people are stored in the ossuary.
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