Karlovy Vary - Zahradni street

beauty and the beast

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Karlovy vary is the largest Spa city in the Czech Republic. The city is abundantly decorated with monuments, so called "colonnades" and statues. In the city you'll find natural springs with a range of temperatures and minerals. The spas are specialized in balneology. Remember that one the next time you play Scrabble..

We arrived in Karlovy vary on a cold wet day. We were immediately amazed by the ugliness of the Thermal hotel. The hotel was built by the communist party in perhaps the finest spot in town. You can only imagine it was deliberately designed so ugly so the detonation factor would max out. What an insult to the Czechs this must have been!

The moment I shot this panorama, a band was performing in front of the hotel. There was a hobo on our side of the water screaming his lungs out. Drunk and unstable his mood changed from shear joy to enragement. As you can see my girlfriend kept eyeballing him. It wasn't her idea of a nice spot and moment to make a panorama..

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