Karlovy Vary - Sadová Colonnade

Home to two popular springs

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The springs in Karlovy Vary are publicly available. They gather a lot of people. Most of them come from the Czech republic (dressed very decently), Russia (tank tops and sports clothing) and the Middle East (colorful gowns and head scarfs). Among them 2 were stray Dutch (outdoor wear and big camera bags), they didn't mix in.

The Spa's sell porcelain that looks a bit like miniature teapots with a ghastly tourist print. The Spa "patients" use them to drink the spring water in regular intervals during the day. It's quite a funny site to have dozens of people around you having the spout of a teapot in their mouth, yet looking very serious.

Around most springs, colonnades were erected, such as the one I was standing in while shooting this panorama. Though not a colonnade as it would be described in a dictionary, it is still the common term used in the Czech Republic. Most colonnades are beautifully decorated and in my eyes this one especially has a quality of elegance and romanticness.

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