Ha Long bay

Sailing between the Karst mountains of Ha Long bay on the Song Bien

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Ever since I fist saw karst mountains on television as a kid, I wanted to see them in real life. And what better place to see them than Ha Long bay in the South Chinese sea! This scenery is simply stunning, I wanted to climb on every karst rock to investigate it ands to see what is beyond it.

We had a private boat, since we booked the trip as a honeymoon. It is a bit unnerving at first to have seven people working all day just to sail you around the bay. Lunch was included, so they made us a meal that consisted of dozens of ingredients. All very good en more than plenty. The bad newas was: they served it inside the boat, when all I wanted to do was to view the surroundings. Courtisy demanded me to stay and finish the meal, but not without running outside for a snapshot occasionally.
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