Festung Hohensalzburg

Medieval fortress Hohensalzburg
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The Hohensalzburg fortress is the biggest medieval fortress to stay intact until this day. You can go up by stairs (200 meters) or by cable car. We where brave enough to take the stairs. While the outside of the fortress is not richly decorated, the inside is. The Goldener Stube and the Goldener Saal are some of the highlights and can only be visited under supervision of a guide. The rooms are decorated with wood, paint and gold. The goldene Stube features a unique gothic tiled stove. We skipped the torture museum, because we didn't feel like queueing up. It can get quite crowded at the fortress in high season...

Cute detail of the water well
A view down to the funicular base
Ceiling of the beautiful Salzburg Dom
Another Dom ceiling detail
Decorative signs all over the main
shopping street "Getreidengasse"
The fortress seen from a distance