Gollinger wasserfall

Waterfalls of Golling
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Golling is a small town some 30km below the city of Salzburg.
It's location between Salzburg and the Dachstein mountains make it a good operating base. Culture to the north and nature to the south. The Dachstein mountains house a lot of caves. One of them is the spectacular Eisriesenwelt cave, but you can also visit the Mammoth caves and the KoppenbrŁller caves. There are also lots of gorges and waterfalls.

The golling waterfalls in the panorama fall in 2 steps. The total height is 75 meters. The panorama shows the bottom half. A path with a balconnee and a bridge leads over and up to the higher part of the falls. The path towards the falls follows the stream of water that results from the falls. It's a scenic path with wild water and an old mill.