Ponta dos Capelinhos

The volcano that erupted in 1957

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What you are looking at is a village. The only thing is: It's buried underneath a big pile of lava and mud.

Once you get closer to the Capelinhos volcano, you'll start to notice the tarmac has more and more cracks. Eventually the road gets really bumpy and you'll find yourself amidst wrecked and abandoned homes. And if you drive past that scene, there's the big nothing.
It's intimidating to see the mountains of ash and dirt around you. But there's also a strange beauty to it.

The Capelinhos volcano erupted from september 27, 1957 until october 24, 1958. That's a very long time for an eruption. At some times the eruptions where gradually and at some times they were very violent. The island was shaken by hundreds of tremors during the eruptions.
2,4 square kilometer of new island was added by the volcano of which 1,5 square kilometer remains.

The caved in cracks are very unsafe
and can't be walked on
Other parts are safe though

The new part of Faial