Caldeira E Capelinhos Crater

Caldeira E Capelinhos Crater viewed from the south east

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Faial is one big volcano. The crater on the top is called Caldeira in local terms. The road up to the Caldeira passes through large areas of Hydrangea (Hortensia). That's the the image that has given Faial its nickname: La Isla Azul, the blue island.

The Caldeira is around 400 meters deep and 2000 meters in diameter. It used to be a basin, but the eruption of the Capelinhos volcano caused cracks in the walls of the Caldeira. All the water flowed away, leaving a swamp. The Caldeira has beem declared a nature reserve, It is not allowed to visit the crater floor.

Sun rays toy with your eyes Hydrangea guide you to the top Sight is a luxury at the top