Eisriesenwelt entrance

A view over the Salzach valley and the entrance of the cave
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I shot this panorama on the narrow ledge of a walkway just in front of the Eisriesenwelt cave. Shooting the panorama close to the abyss made me quite an attraction for the tourists.

Eisriesenwelt in Werfen (some 50 km below Salzburg) is the biggest known system of ice caves in the world.
Until this day about 42 km of caves was discovered. A small part of the caves can be visited under supervision of a tour guide.

The cave part that can be visited is beautiful. It has a wide and long slope of ice, 25 meters thick. Further on in the cave, stalactites, stalagmites and massive walls of ice can be seen. Inside the cave is a stair system with 1400 steps, covering a height difference of 136 meters. That's enough to keep you from cooling down.

When you enter the caves, you immediately have to face a hard cold wind coming through the doors. Inside small open fire lanterns are handed out to help you see the ice. The guide has a piece of wire that burns with an intense white light. This provides you with enough light to see the cave but little enough to keep the mysterious ambiance intact.

Officially it's forbidden to make photo's inside the cave, because that holds up the groups too much. Luckily, they are not very strict on that because you simply cannot restrain yourself from grabbing your camera...

a dark and foggy atmosphere
The ice looks great when lit from
The "Polar bear"
The "Mammoth"
Big walls of ice
And a tunnel leading through it
Getting ready to shoot the panorama