Dom Klagenfurt

The Klagenfurt st. Peter and Paul Cathedral
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The Dom of Klagenfurt features a mix of building styles. The Dom was built in 1578 as a protestant church. The jezuites took it over in 1604 and in 1787 it was promoted to cathedral. The Dom burnt down in 1723 and was severely bombarded in 1944. Today, after the numerous renovations, the mix of styles forms a nice composition. The frescos on the ceiling and the altar piece are beautiful.

As usual I was too sloppy while shooting the panorama. The camera seems to have moved on one photo alas..

Also in Klagenfurt: The Landhaus with its marvelous paintings in the weapons room:

The center of the ceiling of the
weapons room in the Landhaus
Beautiful trompe l'oeils on that
same ceiling

The same trompe l'oeil seen from
the "wrong" side

Landhaus arches