Dance Parade 2007

The 6th annual Dance Parade in Middelburg
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The Dance Parade is an annual event in the historical town of Middelburg.

One day a year, the normally very quiet and serious capital of the Province turns into one big, noisy and colorful festival. About a dozen open trucks filled with cheering and dancing people drive through a densely packed crowd in the historical city, meanwhile blasting out dance, trance and hardcore through the onboard mounted PA speakers.

Everybody in town is relaxed and laid down. they dress up just like the dancers on the trucks or they dance a bit, have some drinks or smoke some pot (hey, it is Holland..). Woman dancers are often scarcely clothed and some of the guys look so extravagant, that you just know they must be gay in more than one meaning.

Personally I'm very proud that this (internationally known) event is held in Middelburg. This years event was "fairy tales".

More info on this years parade and previous Dance Parades can be found here (in Dutch)