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In the summer of 2005 we went to Canada to spend our summer holidays.

We chose a fly & drive tour through the districts of British Columbia and Alberta.
Those districts have the most different landscapes packed in a relative small area.
Highlights were:
  • Vancouver and Victoria
  • Vancouver Island
  • The canadian rockies
  • The old parks of Banff and Jasper
  • The smaller parks of Wells gray and Waterton

I made sure to buy a Nikon D70s and the Nikkor 10.5mm fisheye lens before heading off.
I used them to create my first real spherical panoramas. O.k., I photographed christmas balls before, but that was childs play..

To see the panoramas I shot in Canada, please pick one from the menu or click a thumbnail below.
If you have installed the picLens plugin, you can also start a slide show 
Executive Inn hotel room
Vancouver harbour
Sea to Sky Highway
Joffre Lower Lakes
Wells Gray Park
Spahats Gorge and Falls
Jasper National park
Almost on top of Whistler Mountain
Banff National park
Waterton National park
Goat Haunt (american side)
Waterton National park
Waterton viewed from Bears hump
Whale watch take-off point
Facing the Hope slide