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In 2007 we spent our summer holiday in Austria. The central and western part of Austria is covered by the mighty Alps. Being a mountain groupie, I picked that part as my destination.

Austria hasn't lost any of its beauty, even though it used to be swarmed by tourists. Nowadays, it runs quite silent there, even in high season. Tourists like to be assured of sun and plane tickets to the south are sold for ridiculously low prices today. Austria also is quite expensive. There's hardly a gorge or waterfall to be found that doesnt have a ticket booth..

To see the panoramas I shot in Austria, pick one from the menu or click a thumbnail below..

Dom Klagenfurt
The Klagenfurt Cathedral
Eisriesenwelt Cave
A view over the Salzach valley and the cave
Beinhaus Hallstatt
The Bone Chapel
Krimmler Wasserfälle
The highest waterfalls of Europe
Gollinger Wasserfall
The Waterfalls of Golling
Festung Hohensalzburg
Medieval fortress Hohensalzburg
Boating on the Vorderer Gosausee
While trying to keep me and my girlfriend and a couple of thousand euro worth of equipment dry.