Ahrweiler Church

Church of Ahrweiler
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The town of Ahrweiler has a small center that is completely surrounded by a medieval oval shaped city wall.
It has small streets and extreme steep corners. I coincidentally saw a car totally bust its bumper while driving through one of the narrow corners. That was just before I had to take my car into the center, and my car was bigger :(

I made it through in one piece though. The next morning we visited the church in the town centre. No one was in the church yet and the organ player was going berserk. He alternately played tunes so light you'd imagine you were floating and extreme loud doomsday-like pieces that immediately made you feel guilty about everything you ever did wrong in your life. Meanwhile I was setting up my camera and monopod and colourful sunlight was shining in my face through the stained glass windows. Sometimes everything simply feels good :)

Stained glass light on floor
Sunlight beautifulized by the stained glass windows