Plompe Toren

View over the Oosterschelde from the Plompe Toren
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The plompe Toren is what remains of the medieval village of Coudekerk.
In the second half of the 16th century the entire village was slowly flushed away by the river Oosterschelde.

The tower is what's left of the village church. While the church was broken down when the water moved in, the tower was kept as a beacon for the ships.
In 1997 the tower was restored and opened for visits.

The gound around the tower has been used for centuries to fortify the dikes. The watery surface that's left behind ("inlagen") are a habitat for a great many bird species.
The big pond just filled up with geeses when I took te panorama. The Oosterschelde was extremely calm this day as you can see.

date shot: 2007-04-22
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