Vancouver Harbour

Looking out on Granville Island
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the day after the flight from Holland I was fresh again and enthousiastic to meet the city. I went to the harbour to shoot this panorama of the beautiful harbour of Vancouver.
On the other side of the water you can see Granville Island. It's not really an island, but more of a peninsula. It houses a big market place and a lot of nice art galleries and shops. A great place to stroll. But Vancouver has a lot of other nice places like chinatown, Stanley park and Gastown. Vancouver is very friendly atmosphered, especially given the size of the city!

I'll have to reassemble the panoramas, since the railing does not line up, but in the mean time this version will do. I even had to resort to using a so called "nadir cap". That's another word for the ugly text displayed at the bottom of the panorama..