Ermine Moth plague

In 2010 several trees in Middelburg were covered in caterpillar webs
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In may 2010 a strange occurance took place in Middelburg. Selected species of trees and bushes were invaded by caterpillars of the Yponomeuta padellus species. they are better known as the small or Cherry Ermine moth. the Dutch name is Stippelmot of Spinselmot. The caterpillars of the moth group around in thousands. They weave thick and dense webs and crawl together in large balls.

I personally had never seen this phenomenon before, but a web search shows that last year a few other cities in Holland suffered from the same plague. Originating from the tropics, the moth seems to enjoy Holland more and more. A dry and warm spring (which we seem to have more and more over here) makes the larvae thrive. Let's hope this does not keep getting worse. 6 trees behind my back garden are infected too. It's getting all too close. That being said: The webs can look fascinating!

More info on the moth can be found here in English and in Dutch
Ball of caterpillars Almost shaped like a bird No bird dares to fly in here
Welcome in! Trees full of web
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